Defined Men....

First things first, Let's get this straight from the start, I personally find muscly men repulsive!
Do women really "dig" this look on a bloke? Really, deep down?

Apparently there is a risk in the UK of Young men taking risks to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger, God only knows why somebody would put themselves through this.

I cringed when reading this...
"Women generally like defined, big blokes. It's like going back to caveman times - I'm the king of the castle."
Have I said this before? I sure has heck don't! ... Put me right of my jam sandwich now!

Seriously Giving yourself steroids? to make yourself look more "beef", Turn into a completely different person, with Mood swings... Depression, Hair loss ( yes men! you could loose even more hair) the list goes on.

And what is it all for?? Pure bloody vanity.......

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